Intel Core i3-5005U 8GB RAM+256GB SSD / Expandable 2TB Ultra-compact Metal Case

The most affordable Mini Pc--Chuwi GT Box with

Intel® Core™ i3 processor officially debuts on Gearbest


Chuwi's mini PC- GT Box is recently launched on Gearbest for about $299. It features Intel® Core™ i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage with SSD expansion supported.     

It is also known that GT Box is an improved version of Chuwi HiGame, a popular crowd-funding product on Makuake some time ago. After that, many feedbacks have been received. Thus, Chuwi decides to release a more affordable mini pc based on Chuwi HiGame.

According to Chuwi, many users have mentioned that they want to purchase a mini pc at a lower price because of the limited budget. So Chuwi GT Box is packed with the more cost-effective Core™ i3 processor rather than the expensive Core™ i7 processor, which can greatly lower the costs and price. On the other hand, Chuwi GT Box of 8GB dual-channel memory and 2.0GHz turbo frequency can easily deal with daily tasks without any lag.

Concerning the storage, with the price of SSD storage becoming more affordable, more and more consumers choose SSD to expand their storage space independently. Therefore, except the 256GB SSD storage, Chuwi GT Box has also reserved the SSD expansion slot to facilitate users greatly.           

As the demand for convenient office work and entertainment increases, consumers are fond of those products that are more portable, that’s why Chuwi GT Box hasn’t made any changes in its appearance--it looks same as HiGame. Compared with those traditional workstations measuring 30 liters, GT Box has an ultra-compact case that only weighs 1.3kg, which is 13.5 times smaller and lighter.

It has four USB ports, two HDMI ports, one Ethernet card slot plus one headphone jack.

If you are in the market for a ultra portable and more affordable  mini pc, you will be interested about Chuwi GT Box running a Intel® Core™ i3 processor. It is available now on Gearbest 299.99$