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Pack productivity in your pocket! Chuwi MiniBook appreciation images: ultra-portable laptop


Chuwi is gonna launch its first UMPC- CHUWI MiniBook on indiegogo, which features ultra-portable mini size and it is very suitable for business groups with frequent business trips. Today, the unit has arrived in our studio and here's a set of MiniBook HD pictures for you.

The dimension of MiniBook is 201 * 128.6 * 19.3 mm, which is as small as a wallet.

It can be put in your pocket like a wallet, that's why it's called a pocket notebook.

The weight of the machine is only 650g. It is comfortable to hold and easy to carry out.

Compared with mobile phones, MiniBook is only a little bigger.


Thanks to MiniBook's tiny size, you can pull it out of your pocket anytime and anywhere for office or creative work.

When reading in the library, you can use it to record your sudden flashes of inspiration.

If you forget to carry the mouse with you, don’t worry. MiniBook's screen supports multi-touch and can also be clicked more accurately and quickly.

While relaxing in the cafe, you can deal with temporary business with it.

On the way of business trips, it enables you to prepare your working plan in advance.

You can even use it to login to the server remotely to process BUG.

MiniBook also adopts YOGA design that can be flipped into 360°. The keyboard can also act as a bracket so that MiniBook can be used like a tablet.

The 8.0-inch single-handed gold-sized screen allows MiniBook to become an e-book in your hand.

In addition, MiniBook also comes with multiple I/O ports, which can be extended by external mouse and U disk.

Whether it is because of its extremely miniature size, 360°YOGA design, or rich I/O ports and touch screen, Chuwi MiniBook will be a good match to business travelers. Sign Up Now to Get Secret Perks with 25% OFF