CHUWI UBook Pro unboxingmore cost-effective with Intel N4100 processor

Recently, CHUWI has launched UBook Pro Intel N4100 processor version. Not only Intel N4100 processor performs well in daily usage, but also regulates power consumption intelligently. With great performance and decent price, UBook Pro can be more cost-effective.

CHUWI will release the unboxing video on Youtube, which shows the detailed hardware information and actual experience of UBook Pro Intel N4100 version.

As the video can be seen, The unboxing suit include UBook Pro, power adapter, keyboard and stylus.

UBook Pro has a 9 mm full-metal body, equipped with 12.3 inch 3:2 display ratio IPS screen, weights at only 781g.

The u-shaped kickstand supports stepless adjustment, with the maximum opening Angle of 145°, it can be transformed into laptop, workstation or tablet, which means that almost all scenes in life.

HiPen H6 stylus can draw delicately on the screen, supports up to 4096 pressure levels. 

Intel N4100 processor is built with Intel's most advanced 14nm+ manufacturing process, quad-core, four threads, the highest frequency reaches up to 2.4 GHz. With the storage combination of 8GB LPDDR4 and 256GB SSD, UBook can be more smooth and efficient in daily usage. 

In the real CPU-Z test, Intel N4100 processor had a single-core score of 182 and a multi-core score of 588. The processor also performed well in GeekBench software with single-core score of 1765 and a multi-core score of 5197. In addition to great performance, Intel N4100 processor also consume low power. 

Equipped with Intel UHD Graphics 600 core graphics card,UBook Pro can decode 4K video easily, which provides smooth experience in watching video.  

With Win10 operating system and magnetic backlit keyboard, UBook Pro can work efficiently. Benefit from the full-size key cap, user can keep the highest productivity by typing smoothly.

In brief,UBook Pro Intel N4100 version perform well in hardware configuration and daily usage. Meanwhile, lower price make it become more cost-effective.