Dear customers,

First of all, thanks for your trust and support to CHUWI!

Because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Wuhan has been closed down since the end of January, which is an incredible thing for you, but we are building a wall of shock isolation. All industries in China have suffered huge losses, even devastating blow, in return for the initial containment of the spread of the outbreak in China. During this period, a large number of enterprises were unable to resume work at the normal time due to factory shutdowns, road control, and company layoffs.

The beginning of spring in 2020 will be a special memory in each of us. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, CHUWI has been focused on the development of the situation. We will officially resumed work on February 26 for orderly service communication with the approval of the government.

New coronavirus is spreading all over the world. No one is unaffected by it in the global community today. We are confident that this outbreak will be defeated. We need your support! Come on, China!! Come on, the world!!