CHUWI Aliexpress activity, Multiple Popular Models Get 35% OFF

Encouragingly, CHUWI Aliexpress activity is coming. So far, CHUWI has released a lot of information about the activity, such as Extra $50 off, Buy one get one, Giveaway and so on. Some popular tablets and laptops also participate in the activity.  

Activity 1
Extra $50 off
Play the game on CHUWI activity page has the chance to get a $50 coupon.

Activity 2
50% off coupon
Within the specified time, find CHUWI Brand in the Get Big Coupons activities page has the chance to get 50% off.

Activity 3
Buy one get one
During the activity, the top 100 users to buy HeroBook Pro, LapBook Pro, as well as the top 50 users to buy AeroBook can get a high-quality laptop bag. 

Activity 4
Participate in the comments according to the rules of the official activity will have the chance to win free prizes such as CHUWI laptop and tablet. The prizes include popular models such as HeroBook Pro and Hi10x. 

Besides, CHUWI has other coupon activities, such as limited promo codes for users who follow CHUWI store news, rewards for users who enter and follow the CHUWI store, no threshold coupons for store homepage and so on.

Detailed information can refer to the Aliexpress link.

Meanwhile, some popular models also participate in the deal. They can be stacked purchases with the above coupon activities, which can get a higher discount.

Hi10 X | A major upgrade of the 10.1-inch classic tablet
Coupon Price of $196.99

10.1-inch IPS Screen  Intel N4100 Processor  6GB RAM and 128GB ROM
Hi10 X  is a major upgrade of the 10.1-inch classic tablet series. It has upgraded a lot in processor, memory, and storage brings a better user experience. Hi10X can be concerted into laptop mode when connecting a Docking keyboard. It can perfectly suit office work and entertainment. Notably, Hi10X supports HiPen stylus. 

HeroBook Pro | A major upgrade of the cost-effective laptop
Coupon Price of $199.99

14.1-inch IPS Screen  Intel N4000 Processor   8GB RAM and 256GB SSD
HeroBookPro's internal hardware upgrades make it more efficient for office work and daily use. The 14.1-inch screen and portable body design expand the using scene. 

LapBook Pro | High quality full screen laptop 
Coupon Price of $299.99

14.1-inch 90% screen-to-body ratio  Intel N4100 Pocessor  8GB RAM and 256GB SSD  Metal body
Equipped with a 14.1-inch narrow border FHD screen and 90% screen-to-body ratio, LapBook Pro can bring a clear and delicate visual experience. It can deal with daily work easily with a powerful Intel processor. Meanwhile, it features a magnesium-aluminum alloy body, which makes it superior texture and lightweight. 

CHUWI has a great deal in the Aliexpress activity. Some popular models such as Hi10X and HeroBook Pro can be purchased at the lowest price. Users who want to buy a laptop or tablet can seize this opportunity and participate in the activity.