HiGame PC-Programs on Noise Reduction


Our technical team had controlled the rotate speed of fan via the software debugging, which improved the noise situation. Now the noise has been reduced from 65-75 db to 55-65 db.

In this video, we made a simple test of noise comparing with the NUC.

Testing software:Intel Thermal Analysis Tool



But this is still not ideal situation we want. After consulting with the team and KOL, we chose to reduce the noise based on both hardware and software.

1. We optimized the rotate speed of fan through the BIOS system to make it work more efficiently under high load operation.

2. We had chosen a new type of heat-conducting silicone grease which the thermal conductivity can reach 6W/m-k to reduce the burden on the fan.

3. The internal structure was improved to make the CPU better fit the motherboard. This measure would reduce the vibration caused by the fan.

We are expected to test the noise for the second time on Aug,18

If we still can't achieve the ideal effect, we will continue to improve in terms of hardware.

1. The original ball bearing fan will be replaced by the fluid bearing fan, with lower vibration and noise.

2. The internal structure will be changed and the single fan will increase to two.