CHUWI 4K mini PC LarkBox upgrades the processor with the price of $169

Recently, CHUWI 4K mini PC LarkBox has aroused a lot of attention. As information has been released, CHUWI announced that larkBox will upgrade the performance from the N4100 processor to the new J4115 processor. The processor upgrade potential will lead to better performance experience and increased efficiency.

LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo at 7:00 am on June 23 (PST) with a price of $169. Sign up now can get more discounts. 

Processor upgrade to maximize performance
The upgraded J4115 model is a new processor from Intel in 2020 Upgrade to J4115 Intel J4000 series is mainly used in military-grade products. It has better stability and is suitable for long-term continuous use. According to the disclosed parameters, J4115 core frequency can reach 2.5GHz, while TDP also rises from 6W of N4100 to 10W. The improvement of TDP will bring a better performance of core frequency.

Compared with the traditional mini PC using passive heat dissipation, LarkBox uses an excellent active heat dissipation system of all-copper heat dissipation board and silent fan, which is very excellent in temperature control. Excellent heat dissipation gives the processor more persistent and stable performance for more scenes. 

Regarding the specific performance of this J4115 processor, the following running points have been released so far.

CPU-Z:Single Thread:191.9;Multi Thread:761.8

GeekBench 4:Single Core:1825;Multi Core:5614
Cinebench R15:CPU:261cb;OpenGL:13.77fps
From the running score results, J4115 shows a slight improvement in performance compared to the N4100 version. Daily office and other scenes are more efficient in daily work. 

Super small size, easy to use and carry
With the size of 61*61*43, it can be grasped by the hand. It supports 4K video output.  With a portable size, it can be packed in a bag easily. Meanwhile, it has very high applicability of the scene. It also supports VESA widgets that can be hidden behind the display. LarkBox is suitable for use as an all-in-one office machine, a projection host in a conference room, a 4K TV box in a living room, and an advertising display host.

With the benefits of cooling and temperature control, we upgraded the processor for LarkBox, maximally developed the performance of the small body, and improved the daily office, study, and entertainment experience. LarkBox is a mini PC only the size of an apple, which can be carried by hand and can be used for rich multi-scene. LarkBox is a highly differentiated product with ultra-high availability. 

LarkBox will go live on Indiegogo on June 23 with a price of $169. Sign up now can get more discounts.